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The coffee taste great, it doesn't taste bitter even when you don't drink it with sugar. The smell is unique, very aromatic. Definitely a good choice if you want to experience the unique taste of Luwak coffee!
Ivan Yang, Shanghai


KOPI LUWAK kl-tribe-jakarta-2013 Meeting at ITPC Vancouver feces-found-in-plantations-2 kl-tribe-jakarta-2013-1 KOPI LUWAK KOPI LUWAK kl-tribe-jakarta-2013-3

luwak Asli

Gayo Coffee Protection Society certification

Kopi Luwak Nusantara proudly announce that we have been approved and recommended by:

Gayo Coffee Protection Society (Masyarakat Perlindungan Kopi Gayo – MPKG)

as one of Kopi Luwak producer who determined to provide only best wild luwak beans to our customers both domestic and internationally.

Kopi Luwak Nusantara will continue to do the utmost to please coffee lovers all over the world with the unbelievable tasty and uique flavor of Wild Kopi Luwak from Gayo highlands, on Aceh province at the the most north part of Sumatera island.

Go Luwak…Go!!!

Penikmat Kopi Luwak setia,


Di penghujung November tahun 2012 lalu, kami diundang oleh Chairman Asosiasi Kopi Luwak Indonesia (AKLI) untuk bergabung di booth AKLI di event Pameran Mutu di gedung Departemen Pertanian di bilangan Ragunan, Jakarta Selatan.


Bersama-sama dengan anggota AKLI lainnya dari pelosok nusantara kami menampilkan produk-produk Kopi Luwak Asli terbaik Indonesia kepada para tamu dan undangan VIP yang hadir.  Kualitas, Keaslian dan Kesegaran adalah satu motto yang kami junjung tinggi.

Ketertarikan penggemar kopi dan khalayak umum atas produk Kopi Termahal Di Dunia ini sangat tinggi, terutama mengenai proses produksi, keaslian dan membedakan rasa Kopi Luwak Asli dengan Kopi Speciality.

Para petinggi kita di AKLI termasuk Pak Edy Panggabean dan Pak Teguh dengan senang hati menjawab semua pertanyaan-pertanyaan ini sebagai bagian proses edukasi mengenai Kopi Luwak Asli yang benar.

Bravo AKLI dan Salam Kopi Luwak Indonesia.


Kopi Luwak, ‘Why’ would one buy this super expensive coffee?

Kopi Luwak coffee comes from the Indonesian island of Sumatra, an area well-known for its excellent coffee. Also native to the area is a small civet-like animal called a Paradoxurus. That’s the scientific name, the locals call them luwaks.

These little mammals live in the trees and one of their favorite foods is the red, ripe coffee cherry although coffee bean is not their main food. They eat the cherries, bean and all. While the bean is in the little guy’s stomach, it undergoes chemical treatments and fermentations. The coffee bean finishes its journey through the digestive system, and exits. The still-intact beans are collected from the forest floor, and are cleaned, then roasted and ground just like any other coffee.

kopi luwak

The resulting coffee is said to be like no other. This civet coffee or cat poop’s coffee has a rich, full body, heavy flavor with hints of vanilla or caramel or chocolate. Other terms used to describe it are earthy, musty and exotic. The body is almost syrupy and it’s very smooth. Kopi Luwak or Luwak Coffee also has a very strong and long after taste.

One must wonder about the circumstances that brought about the first cup of Kopi Luwak coffee. Who would think to (or even want to) collect and roast beans out of animal feces? Perhaps a native figured it was easier to collect the beans from the ground this way, rather than having to work harder and pick them from the trees? We’ll likely never know. But because of the strange method of collecting, there isn’t much Kopi Luwak produced in the world. Our average total monthly production is only around 300 kilograms of beans.

kopi luwak


Because of the rarity of this coffee, the price is quite outrageous.  Some more adventurous coffee houses are selling it by the cup, but you won’t likely find it at your local coffee shop just yet. The coffee is spectacular that it’s truly worth that amount of money. You are paying for the experience of enjoying such an unusual and rare delicacy.

Are you? :)



10 Facts you should know about Kopi Luwak


10 Facts About Kopi Luwak You Should Know!


Discussing about kopi luwak or civet coffee is like my passion to tell everything about any gossiping news of our star ship both local or world wide.

So, this is it. The ten fact you should know:

1. Just like other type coffee, civet coffee / kopi luwak has validated on freshness. The sooner you enjoy kopi luwak., the fresher coffee you get. More less it takes 2 months (for ground coffee) or 4 months (roasted bean) you still have the freshness.

2. Real kopi luwak lasted rich, full body, more like syrup, and aroma is very strong.

3. Civet coffee/kopi luwak defines on two kind of natural process; wild and farmed. Wild kopi luwak is better than farmed, but nowadays it’s too good to be true since the forest area become rare everyday. Yet, it’s uncontrolled by hygiene and decay process.

4. Civet coffee comes from various origin. Philippine, Vietnam, Indonesia. Oprah Winfrey Show definedSumatrakopi luwak is the best ever.

5. Recommended roasting kopi luwak /civet coffee is a not too high or too low roasting so the originality of kopi luwak taste is still there. The higher roast U take, the bolder intense taste U get & eliminate more variant originality of the coffee.You can put cream to make your civet coffee more You! Just experience your own civet coffee.

6. Arabica type kopiluwak civet coffee has more variant taste & acidity than Robusta. It’s stronger as well. Robusta is milder.

7. Even kopiluwak civet coffee comes out from poop, the bacterial contents lower than other coffee. It’s caused by fermentation process that eliminate protein & bacterium which change the aroma & taste more awesome.

8. The hype of kopiluwak civet coffee hit people in the world. Especially in South Korea they consider kopi luwak as prestige coffee with $45/cup.

9. Despite using classic drip or french press coffee tool, you can brew kopiluwak civet coffee as easy as adding boiled water on it. In Indonesia it’s called kopi tubruk.

10. Civet kopiluwak coffee is safe for ulcer patients.


So, what are you waiting for?

Give a try today! Contact our resellers within your area by clicking following links or visit our outlets in Indonesia.


KLN di Indonesian Coffee and Tea Exhibition 2012 – SMESCO, Jakarta

Penikmat setia Kopi dan Kopi Luwak,

Kopi Luwak Nusantara (KLN) berbangga hati memiliki kesempatan mengikuti Indonesian Coffee, Cacao and Tea Exhibition 2012 yang juga disebut sebagai pameran Kopi dan Teh terbesar di Indonesia tahun ini pada tanggal 12-15 Juni 2012.
Dimeriahkan dengan acara pemilihan Putri Kopi, Lomba Mixology/Kompetisi Barista Nasional, Festival kuliner tradisional Indonesia, Hiburan Band dan acara menarik lainnya.

KLN memberikan kesempatan gratis kepada para pengunjung untuk mencicipi rasa 100% kopi luwak arabica Gayo yang lembut, full body, full flavor dan memiliki long after taste. Diantara para pemain kopi yang sudah berpengalaman lama dan tinggi yang hadir di ICTE 2012, KLN mampu bersaing dan menunjukkan esksistensi dan karakter yang kuat. Testimony dari para pengunjung sangat bervariatif karena tidak semua pengunjung pernah mencicipi kopi luwak sebelumnya dan semuanya menyukai aroma wangi dan rasanya yang lembut dan tidak membuat lambung sakit.

Pengunjung kebanyakan berasal dari para pelaku bisnis domestik dan juga luar negeri. Kesempatan emas seperti ini tidak boleh dilewatkan karena membuka pintu kesempatan untuk lebih meluaskan sayap KLN baik domestik maupun di mancanegara.

Mari minum kopi luwak, mari lestarikan budaya bangsa Indonesia.

Harga Kopi Luwak Asli Indonesia variatif

Harga Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak Asli Indonesia saat ini memang banyak dijual dimana-mana, anda juga bisa mendapatkan kopi luwak indonesia dengan harga yang variatif. Mulai dari harga yang sangat murah sampai harga yang mahal. Kita sebagai konsumen pun harus berhati-hati dalam membeli Kopi Luwak. Pada artikel sebelum nya saya sudah membahas mengenai Hati-hati terhadap kopi luwak palsu.

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